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The interpreters that accompany clients or assist them with business negotiations are always native speakers.
The same is true of the interpreters that we provide for official talks with delegations, advisory services in foreign languages, conventions, congresses, seminars, events, press conferences, meetings, round tables and presentations.

We can also cater to needs relating to trips all over the world and we can appoint appropriate promotional staff for trade fairs and conferences.

Liaison interpreting

Interpreting without the use of conference systems. The interpreter will accompany the client during business meetings, visits to companies and factories, technical training sessions and talks with foreign delegations.

Simultaneous interpreting

Interpreting in a soundproof booth with special conference equipment. This approach is normally used for congresses, conventions and conferences.

Consecutive interpreting

Interpreting without the use of conference systems. The interpreter will take notes of what the speaker says and translate during the pauses.

Whispered interpreting

A simultaneous interpreting technique which does not involve the use of conference equipment. The interpreter will whisper what is being said by the speaker in the ear of the listener. This technique is not recommended for use with more than one or two people.

Telephone interpreting

An interpreting service for calls to other countries via a telephone connection. This allows our clients to contact people abroad without having to leave their offices.

Promotional staff

Promotional staff and stewards for congresses, conventions, conferences, trips, exhibitions, music, art and sports events, airport welcome desks and international secretarial services.



"I just wanted to let you know that the interpreting service over the last three days has been fantastic. As well as having expert language skills, the person that you sent was meticulous, punctual and highly adept at dealing with the situation at hand..."
(Following a Japanese interpreting project for a leading multinational manufacturer of medical devices for cardiovascular disease)

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